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Types of Car Accidents We Deal With

Minor to serious injuries and property damage can result from car accidents.

Rear-end Accidents

The drivers and passengers of the vehicles engaged in rear-end collisions frequently sustain major physical injuries or even lose their lives as a result of the collision.

Head-on Collisions

A head-on collision is unquestionably the worst kind of car accident to experience. It can be nearly difficult to escape a collision like this at times.

T-bone Accidents

T-bone collisions happen if the front of one car collides with the sides of another, creating a "T" at the impact point.

Rollover Accidents

When a car is involved in a rollover accident, the vehicle turns on over its side or roof. Compared to other kinds of vehicle incidents, rollovers result in more fatalities.

Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving is when a driver is engaged in something else while they are driving. Driving while distracted might raise the likelihood of a car accident.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving is already prohibited, but it can also be risky if it takes the driver's focus off the road, even for a brief period of time.

You may be at a loss for what to do following a car accident. Here are a few things you can do on that moment.

Notify The Police

For more information and direction, contact the police.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney

Contact with Gelecek Internet to go over the specifics of your situation.

Investigate Your Case

Snap pictures of the incident and the surroundings. Leave this to the responding police if you are hurt.

Get Medical Help

Seek medical attention right away, and then wait for emergency help to arrive.

File Your Insurance Claim

Visit the hospital, where a doctor can check and record your wounds. These documents are necessary for your insurance settlement.

Continue Medical Care

Maintain your medicine regimen since your safety and the safety of other accident participants are top priorities.

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Larry J. Colvin
“I am completely satisfied. The day following the accident, I made contact with Gelecek Internet. Every single thing they predicted happening really did. In the event of a problem, I would absolutely use this company once more.”
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Everything to Know About Car Accident Laws

Car Accident Laws

Car accident laws are the legal rules and regulations that help recognize an individual responsible for damages resulting from a traffic collision. Car accident litigations are governed mainly by the state of law. A car accident victim should prove the four essential elements to recover compensation when the accident occurs. They are:

  • Causation
  • Breach
  • Duty
  • Harm

All drivers have a legal obligation to obey the rules and regulations of car accident laws to operate their vehicles reasonably. This means a driver must maintain a safe speed, control, observe traffic rules, use headlights, blinkers, etc. Every driver must accept these duties without argument, failing which the court will accuse them of breach of duty. A breach of duty will be proved by various methods like testimonials from eyewitnesses, traffic surveillance video, admission of fault, or direct evidence.

If an accident occurs, a plaintiff must prove the element of causation which can be done by performing medical examinations for injuries consistent with the nature of the crash and that they did not exist before the accident.

Steps to take following a car accident

One of the primary things to do when an accident occurs is to remain silent without blaming the parties involved. Admitting fault is one of the primary mistakes that drivers and victims usually make. Primarily, the rules of evidence do not allow hearsay. However, there is an exception for admission of fault. Even a simple apology can be used against the person during court proceedings or settlement discussions.

On that note, it is also essential to note the statements from the other party. Some people also use smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets to record the incident in the chaos of an accident. The first step is to take down the driver’s name and number plate information.

Other evidence, like eyewitnesses, descriptions of the road, traffic, weather condition, etc., also play a crucial role in deciding the party at fault.

While dealing with the chaos of the accident, it is also essential to take medical attention into serious consideration. A whiplash in a car accident can cause injuries that people may overlook initially but manifest after a specific time. If you’re on the receiving end, you do not want the plaintiff’s attorney to belittle your injuries caused by accident.

Car Accident

Knowing your rights in a car accident law

  • Know about the insurance claims by different companies for different types of car accidents
  • Texting while driving is punishable by law, irrespective of whose fault it is.
  • Hit-and-run consequences can be more severe than you imagine
  • During rear-end accidents, it is not always the driver at the back who is at fault


Road accidents are the leading cause of personal injuries worldwide. Therefore, it is not only essential to drive safely when on the road, but it is also essential to be aware of car accident laws and regulations, which can come in handy during times of accidents.